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ORADBPRO Consulting Services & PublishingEdit


ORADBPRO offers top notch ORACLE DBMS consulting to clients in the telecommunications, financial, automotive and IT industries primarily in Germany. ORADBPRO accept contract work for ORACLE database administration, design and software development. We strive not only to deliver sound administration, defect-free code and elegant  software architectures, but also commit to high-quality documentation. More ...


With experience from dozens of successful projects covering ORACLE DBMS releases from Oracle8 to Oracle12c, who would be more apt to publish on subjects such as performance optimization, high availability, backup/recovery, PL/SQL development, Perl DBI scripting and instrumentation – just to name a few? The publishing branch of ORADBPRO consolidates the know-how gained from consulting work and publishes it as books.  More ...


Please check out our new affordable backup and restore tool RmanJ that works with both Oracle RMAN in Oracle Enterprise Edition as well as Standard Edition (SE) environments and gives SE users access to parallel backup and restore as well as standby database features. It brings password encryption, locking against concurrent backup operations, password encryption, backup size reporting and more features to both editions of the Oracle RDBMS. The new SYSBACKUP user in Oracle12c is also supported - including encryption of its password.